Project Description

This project will contribute to bird conservation by collecting bird location and abundance data for the SJV’s climate change impact study, providing data for an under-sampled SJV focus area, and by increasing volunteer and professional capacity. Sky Island Alliance will work with bird experts and volunteers—from Mexico and the U.S.—to survey under-sampled habitats within the Mexican Highlands Bird Conservation Region. More specifically, fieldwork will focus on oak woodland, grassland, riparian forest, and Madrean pine-oak habitats along an elevational gradient within the Sierra San Luis-Sierra Pan Duro area of northeastern Sonora, Mexico. This area is located in the “Cuenca del Río Yaqui” focus area identified in the SJV Bird Conservation Plan. In addition to research activities, a bird survey training workshop will increase volunteer and professional capacity for both U.S. and Mexican participants.

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Nick Deyo
Madrean Archipelago Biodiversity Assessment Coordinator

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