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Ejido San José is located in a coastal desert ecosystem, within the Ejido there is a cardon forest of 20 ha with around 400 cardon cacti named “El Sahuaral.” This is one of the last patches of cardon in the area of Guaymas. Cavities in the cacti provide important nesting habitat for birds including White-fronted Parrot, Purple “Arizona” Martins and Gila Woodpecker. To supplement a conservation plan for the area that is already in progress, we propose to conduct point counts for one year (two per season) and conduct an outreach program about birds of the Sahuaral. The outcome will be a description of abundance of bird species of the area, a field guide, and an ecotourism cooperative trained as bird watching guides.

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Jacqueline Garcia
Centro de Investigación en Alimentación y Desarrollo (CIAD)


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