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Belding’s Yellowthroat (Geothlypis beldingi) is an endemic species from the Baja California Peninsula. It’s considered endangered (Mexico and IUCN) and inhabits peninsular oases. The overall objective of this project is to contribute to Belding's Yellowthroat conservation in two oases south of the peninsula, La Poza and Palmar de San Pedro. We will conduct 12 groups of censuses to monitor yellowthroats at both sites (June to December 2015). In order to do this, we will train guides from existing tourism companies in town to monitor the birds and to engage in avitourism in both oases. We will also conduct outreach in elementary schools in Todos Santos (lectures in schools) and in the community (photographic exhibition) to increase awareness of the importance of the oases for the conservation of Belding's Yellowthroat. Finally we will submit to the proposed designation of La Poza and Palmar de San Pedro as critical habitat for the Belding's Yellowthroat to Dirección General de Vida Silvestre (Directorate General Wildlife of the Mexican government).

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Dr. Miguel Cruz
Pronature Noroeste

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