Project Description

We will implement a breeding bird survey combining transect and point count protocols used by the Arizona Important Bird Areas Project with a nest watch program. We will also share survey and nest watch data with conservation partners in Arizona and northwest Mexico via digital media, printed materials, Skype conferencing, and presentations at appropriate partner conferences.

In 2010 the Sonoran Joint Venture, Western Field Ornithologists, and Reserva Monte Mojino (ReMM) conducted the first breeding bird survey on the Reserva.  This effort provided baseline information; however, much still needs to be learned about the breeding requirements of birds in the area, especially endangered/threatened species. As the SJV Bird Conservation Plan emphasizes, monitoring is fundamental to guiding conservation, from reducing a net loss of habitat to improving management of existing habitat. ReMM’s highest priority is to protect, restore, and expand tropical deciduous forest, pine-oak, and riparian habitats, all priority habitats in the SJV Bird Conservation Plan. A deeper understanding of the avifauna in the Sierra de Alamos will provide a roadmap for guiding our management and land acquisition efforts.

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Lydia Lozano
Nature and Culture International / Reserva Monte Mojino

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