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The SJV and its partners have amassed large amounts of avian monitoring data and made substantial progress in ensuring further collaboration from federal, state and non-profit partners in openly sharing data. These datasets will provide the means to establish practices and develop methods to set management plans based on analyses and visualizations of the data. The Bureau of Land Management, an SJV partner, has allocated funds for the establishment of an Avian Knowledge Network node in the southwest. The Avian Knowledge Network (AKN) is a partnership of people, institutions and government agencies supporting the conservation of birds and their habitats based on data, the adaptive management paradigm, and the best available science. AKN partners act to improve awareness, purpose, access to, and use of data and tools at scales ranging from individual locations to administrative regions (e.g., management areas, states, countries) and species ranges.

The new southwest AKN node will enable the SJV and its partners to coordinate, gather and visualize data across the southwestern U.S. and northern Mexico, to understand and better address conservation problems. To do this, the node must be bilingual, though the scope of work funded by the BLM does not encompass dual language interactivity. Thus, the main objective of this proposal is to extend the node to include a Spanish language interface.

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Michael Fitzgibbon
Point Blue Conservation Science

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