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Many species of birds, including species of conservation concern, migrate to the “Mexican Monsoon Region” to undergo molt; however, virtually nothing is known about these birds during the molting period. In order to investigate the ecology of these molt-migrants and identify critical habitat requirements for molting, IBP undertook a one-year pilot study, the Molt-Migration-Stopover (MoMS) project in July-September 2007. Through mist-netting efforts we were able to successfully collect data on 23 species of known or suspected molt-migrants, including at least 10 species in Sonora and northern Sinaloa. The current proposal seeks support to operate six banding stations in Sonora and Sinaloa. In addition to obtaining important information on molt-migrants and their habitats, this project will involve the training of Mexican biologists and an educational program involving students with the Univesidad Autonoma de Sinaloa.

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Peter Pyle
Institute for Bird Populations

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