Project Description

The Prescott College Kino Bay Center for Cultural and Ecological Studies (PC) proposes to build upon its Waterbird Monitoring Program (WMP) in the Midriff Island region of the Gulf of California. With its permanent presence, partnerships, and proven record of successful waterbird monitoring, the WMP contributes to habitat protection efforts integrating monitoring, research, and community participation. The region’s islands and estuaries provide critical nesting, roosting, stopover, and feeding habitat for at least 62 SJV priority bird species. Continuing projects provide essential information on species abundance, distribution, and ecosystem health. Funds from the SJV would enable PC to fund a fellowship that would enhance monitoring efforts in Esteros Santa Cruz, Cardonal, and Tastiota, increase community involvement and outreach, more effectively summarize information for publication and integration into national and international databases, and strengthen partnerships with regional conservation groups and indigenous communities to list priority habitats as Ramsar sites and IBAs.

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Lorayne Meltzer
Director, Kino Bay Center

Project Location

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