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Estero La Cruz (ELC) constitutes a unique mangrove habitat located in the central coast of Sonora. Situated practically at the limit of the northern distribution of mangrove in the continent, ELC provides wintering and breeding habitat for most of the priority bird species for coastal wetland within the SJV’s Arid Borderland Region, including Sonoran Clapper Rail, Northern Pintail, Mangrove Warbler, Whimbrel, Black Skimmer, and Marbled Godwit, among many others. At least three species of mangrove are present at this estuary: black, red, and white. Shrimp farms constitute a grave threat to the integrity of coastal wetlands in Sonora. Considering the urgent need for mangrove conservation, this project will focus on implementing mangrove restoration activities at three sites located on the northwest side of ELC and will monitor marshbirds and other avian species.

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Eduardo Gómez -Limón
Monte Sonorense

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