In 1986 Canada, Mexico, and the United States adopted the North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP, or Plan), aimed at conserving continental waterfowl populations and habitat. In the intervening years, NAWMP partners have conserved and restored 15.7 million acres (63,000 square kilometers) of wetlands, grasslands and other key habitats for ducks, geese and swans shared by Canada, the United States and Mexico. Many waterfowl populations are now substantially larger than they were 26 years ago.

But new threats to waterfowl and their habitats stand to undermine NAWMP successes. Unprecedented new challenges that create competition for land, water and funding must be addressed. Conservation programs must become more adaptable, efficient and relevant to a society that is increasingly disconnected from the natural world. A 2012 Revision to the Plan aims to address these challenges.

Part of the 2012 revision included the creation of an Action Plan, now available, which provides initial guidance and strategic ideas for implementing the 2012 NAWMP. In addition to identifying key actions for each of the recommendations in the 2012 NAWMP, it contains technical details and ideas to advance the creation of an integrated waterfowl management enterprise.

Download the 2012 Revision and Action Plan on the NAWMP Revision website.

Watch a short video to learn more about the Action Plan:

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