Programs & Projects

The Sonoran Joint Venture supports bird conservation in a number of different ways. One of our primary methods of support is our annual Awards Program. Since 2001 the SJV has provided funds through this competitive program to nineteen organizations from the U.S. and Mexico.

The SJV also awards discretionary funds that are used to support partners involved in ongoing projects identified as top priorities for the SJV, including monitoring and surveys of bird populations and education and outreach projects and opportunities.

Click on a link below or use the search box to view project details from different years, read reports, and find contact information.


  • American Eagle Research Institute: Yaqui River Bald Eagle Report
  • IMADES: Developing and Implementing a Conservation Plan for Sonoran Riparian Habitats
  • Pronatura: Assessment of the Distribution and Relative Abundance of Rails in the Coastal Wetlands of the Baja Peninsula and Sonora, Mexico
  • Proyecto Corredor Colibrí: Riparian Restoration at Villa Verde, Sonora, Mexico
  • Sonoran Institute: Survey and Catalog of Avian Species of the Santa Cruz River, Sonora, Mexico
  • Sonoran Institute: Mapping Conservation Priorities in the Colorado River Delta: A State-of Knowledge Workshop
  • Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory: Sonoran Bird Monitoring Project
  • University of Arizona: Avian Monitoring on the Colorado River Delta


  • Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum: Bilingual Pollinator Brochure
  • City of Yuma: Yuma East Wetlands Restoration Project
  • Ducks Unlimited: Whitewater Draw Wetlands Restoration Project
  • Liberty Wildlife: Avian Electrocution Reduction Manual for Arizona and the Southwest Translation
  • Pronatura: California Least Tern Monitoring and Protection
  • Sonoran Institute: Santa Cruz River Avian Monitoring
  • University of Arizona: Avian Monitoring in the Colorado River Delta
  • University of Arizona: Peregrine Falcon Monitoring
  • University of Arizona: Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl Habitat Assessment
  • University of Arizona: Effects of Prescribed Fire on Yuma Clapper Rails and California Black Rails on the Lower Colorado River