Project Description

The goal of this project is to implement private legal mechanisms to protect (by acquisition) 3,500 hectares of tropical deciduous forest and Madrean pine-oak woodland within the Sierra de Alamos-Río Cuchjaqui Reserve in southeastern Sonora and to develop a management and monitoring plan for the area. Despite being a protected area, forests in the reserve are being impacted by grazing and logging. The target conservation area is nearly pristine, yet it is under pressure from surrounding activities. Owners of the land are willing to participate in private conservation mechanisms, providing an excellent opportunity for habitat protection for species of concern, such as Elegant Trogon and Military Macaw, as well as for over 100 species of Neotropical migratory landbirds that winter or rest in the area. This initiative is a joint effort between Pronatura, the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Nature and Culture International, the Sierra de Alamos-Río Cuchujaqui Reserve, and the Sonoran Joint Venture to guarantee the long-term protection of bird habitat in the region.

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Carlos Valdes-Casillas
Pronatura Noroeste, A.C.

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