Project Description

This project involves an annual monitoring effort of the shorebirds that winter in the Guerrero Negro-Ojo de Liebre Lagunar Complex, located in the central western portion of the Baja peninsula. This is the one of the principal wintering site for shorebirds in this region. We will continue with the banding and re-observation of Marbled Godwit and Pacific Red Knot, two important species due to recent declines in their populations. An additional objective is the involvement of young people from local communities in project activities, which is aimed to help spark their interest in shorebird conservation. Key program activities include: (1) teach a 20 hour bird monitoring course for local young people; (2) undertake 12 shorebird surveys, which include the most important areas for shorebirds; (3) capture, mark, and re-sight Marbled Godwits and Red Knots during the months of September-February; and (4) involve at least five local young people into these activities.

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Lizz González Moreno
Pronatura Noroeste, A.C.

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