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This project continues and expands bird monitoring efforts at the Villa Verde and Los Campitos drainages, both in the Sonoran Upper San Pedro Watershed. This project is three-fold in scope. First, funds will be used for outreach efforts to landowners to extend bird monitoring efforts to newly identified critical habitat sites. This will include one-on-one communication with landowners to discuss the conservation importance of their property and to plan, design, and implement bird monitoring efforts. PCC will also facilitate communication and cooperation between landowners in the drainages. This will be essential in planning larger scale monitoring and conservation endeavors for the ecosystems as a whole. Second, in addition to facilitating monitoring at these new sites, SJV support will be used to continue existing bird monitoring efforts at both Los Campitos and Villa Verde. Together, these bird surveys will provide valuable inventory data for Villa Verde and Sierra La Elenita, increasing knowledge and understanding of bird populations at these sites. They will also offer comparison data for other montane and lowland riparian and Madrean pine-oak sites in the region. Specifically this project will (1) protect and enhance bird habitat in the Sierra Madre Occidental AICA; (2) improve knowledge of bird populations in montane and lowland riparian and Madrean pine-oak habitat; (3) gain an understanding of the effects of habitat restoration on montane and lowland riparian and Madrean pine-oak bird populations; and (4) provide an example of low-cost habitat restoration techniques for local landowners.

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Jennie Duberstein

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