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This year, we celebrate International Migratory Bird Day by recognizing the importance of stopover sites for migratory birds. Events are taking place world-wide to promote the conservation and knowledge of vital areas used by birds to rest and refuel on migratory journeys.

Led by the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Audubon Society, 15 different countries participated in the development of a major new resource for the conservation of shorebirds along the entire Pacific Americas Flyway. The Pacific Americas Shorebird Conservation Strategy integrates conservation actions across the full suite of geographical, ecological, and cultural landscapes to provide a coordinated and connected framework to protect shorebirds and their habitats.

All are welcome to participate in the Sonoran Joint Venture’s Science Working Group, a “conservation think tank” that conducts bird conservation planning, monitoring, and project development for the SJV region.

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Meet Emily Clark – the newest member of the Sonoran Joint Venture staff! Emily recently joined SJV as Communications & Partnerships Specialist. Emily’s career has taken her all over the county and throughout Latin America, including spending two years as a Research and Conservation Fellow for The Prescott College Kino Bay Center for Cultural and Ecological Studies in Sonora, Mexico.

Birds Beyond Borders

A traveling teal brings biologists from Colorado State University, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Nayarit, Mexico together and proves the importance of working across borders to conserve birds and their habitats.

Young people in Arizona are getting turned on to birding and bird conservation, thanks to a Heritage Fund Grant from the Arizona Game and Fish Department and the great work of Ironwood Tree Experience, Tucson Audubon, and the SJV.

SJV Board Chairman Geoff Geupel of Point Blue Conservation Science, board member Francisco Abarca of the Arizona Game and Fish Department, as well as SJV partner Mike Lynes of Audubon California, recently shared success stories from the SJV and other Migratory Bird Joint Ventures with members of congress and natural resource agencies on a week-long trip to Washington, D.C.

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A 1973 article in American Birding Association’s American Birds about the urgent need for information about aridland bird habitats in the West reminds us that our work to monitor and conserve these habitats is more important than ever.

A new storymap highlights bird conservation success stories from the SJV and other Migratory Bird Joint Ventures around North America.

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The Sonoran Joint Venture Awards Program is supporting work to provide Yellow-billed Cuckoo survey training to Mexican biologists to build capacity for increasing knowledge of cuckoo habitat use and distribution in Mexico.

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