Project Description

Bahía de Ceuta is an important coastal wetland in northwestern Mexico. Located in the southeastern part of the bay is an abandoned salt mine (~150 ha), which is used as a breeding site for at least five species of shorebirds, including Snowy Plover (100 pairs) and Least Tern (300 pairs), both of which are Threatened. The deterioration of dikes has allowed the uncontrolled entry of tidal water into the area, which has resulted in a decrease in both the number of breeding birds and the number of nests, with about 50% fewer nests in 2008 and 2009. This project will restore the principal dike (850 m) in order to control the entry of water into nesting areas. This should allow for greater reproductive success for these two Threatened species, as well as at least three other shorebird species that reproduce in the area.

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Medardo Cruz Lopez
Conservacion, Investigación y Servicios Ambientales, A.C.

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