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The objective of this proposal is to develop and distribute the complete products of the Mapping Conservation Priorities of the Colorado River Delta Workshop. This binational workshop took place in Tijuana, Mexico on October 14-17, 2002. Working in interdisciplinary teams, participants had the opportunity to discuss the biophysical characteristics and ecological relationships of terrestrial and marine portions of the delta in Mexico. Based on this analysis, they defined conservation priority areas, their threats, and opportunities for conservation and restoration. We propose to distribute products resulting from the workshop, which include: (1) a bilingual report describing the identified priority areas for conservation, an ecological assessment of these areas, a hydrologic assessment of the quantity, quality, and timing of water flows required to support each of these areas, and the identified priority research needs; (2) a poster-sized map showing priority areas for conservation and a summary of their ecological importance, threats and opportunities for conservation; and (3) a Geographic Information System database with the general information available for the delta, the information used during the workshop, and the results from the workshop.

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Francisco Zamora
Sonoran Institute

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