Project Description

We propose to present information on distribution, abundance, and habitat of breeding birds throughout Sonora, Mexico, and identify areas of conservation interest across a range of vegetation communities. To generate estimates of value of significance, we will devise a ranking system based on species richness, presence of species that are locally or regionally rare, and threats to birds or habitat. We will then summarize these rankings by vegetation community and region. We will also summarize information on distribution of approximately 25 bird species by mapping presence and absence of each species at over 600 localities in Sonora. We will focus on species listed on the Partners in Flight Watch List or those with high regional rankings in the Sonora-Mojave or Sierra Madre Occidental regions. These new data will provide information on species and areas of high conservation value and identify threats to birds and their habitats in areas where little data are currently available. This research will aid conservation planners and biologists with regional species assessments and identification of the highest priority sites, habitats, and bird populations for conservation. Our efforts will provide some of the technical assistance needed to efficiently develop and implement conservation plans and aid the SJV in their mission.

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Aaron Flesch

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