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The goal of this study is to further our understanding of the population status, reproductive success, habitat needs, and potential limiting factors for breeding populations of montane forest birds in the Santa Catalina Mountains of southeastern Arizona. We will assess population status by conducting breeding bird surveys on four study plots. We will determine reproductive success and habitat requirements for breeding birds by locating and monitoring nests and measure vegetation characteristics at nest sites (and at random points for comparison) within each plot. In addition, we will evaluate the effect of human disturbance and recent wildfires on breeding bird populations. The study will address both research and monitoring needs for multiple species of birds (including two Partners in Flight Watch List species) that inhabit montane forests within the SJV region. In addition, the study addresses two potential limiting factors (wildfire and human disturbance) that have been identified by Partners in Flight as having the potential to limit breeding populations of montane forest birds in the region.

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Courtney Conway

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