Project Description

Presently not much is known about the structure, dynamics, and fauna of the tropical deciduous forest. Relatively easy access and recent botanical surveys of the tropical deciduous forest around Alamos, Sonora provide an opportunity to consolidate ecological knowledge and cultivate interest among scientists and naturalists. In addition, the recovery from disturbance and response to protection of disturbed areas in the tropical deciduous forest is unknown. The Alamos study site is part of an important riparian migratory corridor for birds, in a federally protected area, and is a well-known ecotourism spot for birders. This project will enable us to protect the study site from livestock and woodcutting, which will allow studies on ecosystem function and recovery from disturbance. Funding will also support censuses of local avifauna to monitor changes concurrent with the recovery of the vegetation. The archive and integration of this information will be invaluable for the scientific community investigating the tropical deciduous forest, community conservation education and planning, and economic development of the area through ecotourism related to birding.

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