Wilburforce Foundation Website

Deadlines: Contact a staff member before submitting a proposal.
Description: Wilburforce Foundation protects wildlife habitat in Western North America by actively supporting organizations and leaders advancing conservation solutions. Wilburforce Foundation uses conservation science to identify specific priority regions in which we will fund, including Arizona, New Mexico, and northern Mexico. These regions correspond with our focus on habitat security, focal species and wildlife linkages. Wilburforce makes investments that contribute to the following types of outcomes:

    • Increase access to and use of scientific, legal, political, and economic information resources;
    • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of grantee organizations conservation leaders, and other allies;
    • Increase communication, cooperation and collaboration among grantees, stakeholders, decision-makers and/or allies;
    • Increase awareness, support and utilization of conservation policies, plans and practices that protect wildlife habitat;
    • Decrease or mitigate threats to wildlife habitat;
    • Improve the protected status of wildlife habitat;
    • Improve the ecological resilience of the landscapes in which we work.

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